Sunday, November 10, 2013

twentysix-teen! Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) Agrees.

New "Home Job" Hair Cut!

I took the scissors out the other day and decided to hack my hair.
I've been growing my hair ever since I had the pixie do about five years ago, but have been cheating myself by going all the colours of the rainbow and neglecting my ends.
So initially I removed a good 10cm, and had a friend check the back for consistency.

My hair felt so amazing and thick! I was really enjoying my low maintenance do, with the whole "just got out of bed" look, that when I noticed how FAST it was growing, I decided to cut more length.

I think with "Home Job" cutting it's always good to have a friend handy to check for inconsistencies (especially at the back). But one of the main things, you need to have before hand is not only a good pair of hair cutting scissors.. but alot of confidence.

The more you stress, the more likely you're going to keep cutting it shorter.. and shorter.. and be more prone to making mistakes.

Just use a good pair of hair scissors, have a friend handy and be sure to put some product into your ends afterwards.
I did a non-traditional bob, free hand and decided to highlight my collarbone by having it sit between my jawline and shoulders.  Afterward I added volume just by spraying some Schwarzkopf ultimate styling spray in the roots and scrunching the ends.

I've had a fair few compliments on my carefree do and even a little laugh at some inconsistencies. but that's nothing a pair of scissors can't fix ;)

If you're wanting a specific style head over to youtube to get great step by step videos from beauty bloggers or even for a little inspiration. These v-logs are a treasure trove for the curious and if your game and can pull it off, you're saving hundreds on trips to the hairdresser.

I'm really happy with the end result and now I just hope it doesn't grow back as fast this time!


Friday, November 8, 2013

The Little Things.

On a student budget, you cant always afford new furniture, the latest digital appliances or all the boutique and modern items that fill your house in style.

In the segments tagged "the little things" Im going to include DIY Projects and the little things i covet to make the house im renting a home. X

I hope you enjoy and maybe get a little inspiration of your own.


Candlelabra: $20 Savers Brunswick
Painting: Gift from friend
Coffee table books: Vogue Chausseres free on gumtree
Seashell lamp: $12 Savers Brunswick